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Strive To Explore And Establish A Professional, Systematic Translation Of Professional Teachers In Colleges And Universities Training

From July 13 to July 22, 2010 summer National translation of professional teacher training in colleges and universities in Beijing fltrp International Convention Centre, this is the translators Association of China and national master of translation education Steering Committee conform to the vigorous development of China's translation studies, organized before the integration of translation of undergraduate teacher training workshops and national training courses on MTI, organized for the first time covering teacher training education of bachelors and masters degrees in translation. International Union of translators, Vice-Chairman of the China translation Association Vice President, national master of translation education Steering Committee Chairman Huang Youyi and the China translation Association Vice President, one of the training organized by Beijing Foreign Studies University, Jin Li, Vice President, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. From the Mainland and Taiwan over more than 140 colleges and universities, related bodies and the International Labour Office in Geneva and other international organizations and bodies of the nearly 300 professional foreign languages, translation teachers and translators has participated in ten days of intensive training. This training by the International Union of translators (FIT), the international translation of University Union (CIUTI), the International Association of conference interpreters (AIIC), Beijing Foreign Studies University, the Monterey Institute of international studies (MIIS) School of advanced translation support and direct participation.

In order to ensure the quality of the training courses, master of China translation Union national translation teaching refers to the Commission set up a Steering Committee on translation training professional teachers in colleges and universities, Beijing Foreign Studies University, the Monterey study on high school of translation and training organization of the Chinese translation of the magazine planning and curriculum planning has also done a lot of work. Brainstorm, brainstorming, training curricula designed to make course arrangements more reasonable and more in line with the rules and characteristics of translation teaching. Training courses this year, from professional training, seminars, to watch the, topic study course model, rich in content and forms. Training courses instructor lineup, bringing together mainland China, Hong Kong, the United States and Europe in translation, translation teaching and research have made outstanding accomplishments in the field of translation theory, representative of the experts, they were from the educational philosophy of translation, translation, translation teaching process and teaching evaluations, translation and other aspects of teaching. In addition, the training also consciously to invite representatives of the translation industry and student exchanges, and their translation from the perspective of the translation industry on professional personnel requirements and expectations, and with a view to promoting the effective integration of production, learning and research.

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