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Wisdom Of Domestic Tourism Is Still In The Primary Stage

Chinese wisdom according to the 2014-2018 tourism industry development prospect forecast of strategic planning and investment analysis report data show that mobile Internet market reached 27.87 billion yuan in the third quarter of this year, compared with growth of 66.7%. Meanwhile, the rapid growth of the high-end smart-phone users, making mobile Internet hot, led to include all types of "mobile application" rapid and diversified development. However, currently the "intelligent tourism" is still at an early stage in many ways, the reasons, in the tourism industry of wisdom tour or have a different understanding and confusion.

Travel agents need to be more enterprising early adopters of courage

"Radio tour" development in full swing, almost the entire tourism industry in "fashion" logo. Leap-forward development of the mobile Internet, brings a broad space for innovation to traditional tourism industry. Institute for prospective industries, "said mobile Internet will change the traditional tourism industry to make it walk in the forefront of social trends."

In the eyes of traditional travel agents, "radio tour" is still reluctant to try new things. Tourism Marketing Director Sun Lichan in waves, as a traditional provider of packaging services, input App first travel development is high, and difficult to locate. For the online travel market, air tickets, hotel booking platform is clear, so far, has become indispensable for visitors. According to our understanding, travel mobile client not more, business model is not yet clear.

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