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Importance Of Electronic Guides From The Shanghai World Expo

Expo, trust us not unfamiliar in Shanghai during the Expo, visitors more than thousands of people. This figure will undoubtedly bring a big boost to the Shanghai tourism effects, however, the serious shortage of tour guides, especially foreign language guides are scarce to prevent reduced quality of tourism, is always confused with the Organizing Committee officials, the tourism administration and tourism organizations questions. That is, in this case, plenty of electronic guides showing its characteristics, showing the importance of essential. During the Expo, Shanghai, a company dedicated to viewing tourists has developed an electronic smart guides, all-star or above in Shanghai hotels, scenic spots, as well as the World Expo designated reception travel agencies, continuously invested 10,000 intelligent electronic devices, application for tourist rentals. Move the tourists ' travel difficult questions, especially for foreign tourists do not know Chinese, it is helping.

Intelligent Guide instrument proficiency in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German and Spanish seven words, help you deal with the difficult dilemma of Shanghai Tourism travel, seems to understand the words of seven upscale Guide to lead you around the beach.

Because wisdom outbound links with satellite-positioning function, so no matter which sites you go, as long as you turn smart guides instrument, sweet sound of active players will have attractions for you note, without you having to do anything, but also know you where building of scenic spots, weird anecdotes don't histories, anecdotes about the beach some of the neighborhood. Outsiders will not have lost more worries.  

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