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Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment Introduction

According to the transfer principle can be divided into both wired and wireless. Wired with equipment used for fixed meeting place inconvenient to move, not suitable for leasing disadvantages, at the exit from the market before 2010. Wireless simultaneous interpretation equipment consists of FM (frequency) and infrared. As the dots (fixed frequency) because of excessive signal sound interference factor, quality is not ideal, it FM currently on the market (fixed frequency) simultaneous interpretation devices have been rare, and will soon be completely phased out. Infrared simultaneous interpretation devices is the more popular devices, signal by infrared transmission, stable and strong.

With the development of infrared technology, infrared frequency different effects are different. To German BOSCH (Bosch) produced of high frequency infrared simultaneous interpretation equipment for optimization, the products of infrared signal paragraph for 66 wave General above, than other brand of infrared simultaneous interpretation equipment more stable, Bosch simultaneous interpretation equipment of infrared transmission band used cellular type jiuzi level more line refraction technology, and has the technology of international patent, so Bosch simultaneous interpretation equipment in industry has very high of visibility and market share.

Statistics released by iResearch December 2011 show, simultaneous interpretation system, Bosch's share of the wireless market is 71.84%, simultaneous interpretation equipment rental market in China, Bosch of simultaneous interpretation devices share is as high as 90.35%. As a professor at Beijing Foreign Studies University says, North high (high school of translation) and major of high training simultaneous interpreters are equipment with Bosch, which greatly promoted the influence of this brand in the Chinese market, for simultaneous translation industry, Bosch Microsoft operating system of simultaneous interpretation equipment of personal computer terminal, as universal and mature.

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