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The Composition Of The Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

Launched hosts by a central controller, infrared, infrared emission, interpreters, simultaneous translation, SI headset (on behalf of the receiving unit), and so on. Interpreters and translation of number set the number according to the language of the Conference. SI headset (on behalf of the receiving unit) according to the participants.

Wireless infrared simultaneous interpretation devices, can ensure that in any type of venue with a wireless transmitter and receiver. Using the infrared transmitter can be transmitted in various languages to the Conference of the parts, use the individual infrared receivers with earphones listening to. Receive signal strength, interference, clear sound quality. Wireless simultaneous interpretation devices, easy multilingual delegates barrier-free communication, communication.

Demand for simultaneous interpretation equipment

With domestic Conference industry of flourish, increasingly more of Conference with Shang simultaneous interpretation, so many room in construction of early on consider to simultaneous interpretation venue of layout, as February 2012, by industry well-known of conference equipment Servicers hundred if MoE audio-visual provides of a copies data displayed, only 2010-2011 this two years, the company on completed has near 40 a simultaneous interpretation room of project, and provides has over 300,000 sets times of with biography equipment rental service.

Simultaneous interpretation equipment is indispensable for high level International Conference simultaneous translation system, through the equipment to ensure that the speaker in a lecture at the same time, the content is specified by simultaneous interpreter translated into the target language, and through another channel (channel) sent delegates. Participants are free to choose the language that they can understand the channel, simultaneous interpretation equipment, Bosch high fidelity audio effect is the best reputation in the industry, the highest-profile product. In order to meet the practical needs of customers, our simultaneous interpretation equipment and divided into 4-channel, 32-channel, 8-channel, 16 channels, each channel to transmit a language.

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